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Ford Escape Hybrid


2005 Ford Escape HybridIn recent months, the Ford Escape Hybrid has been hitting the floors of dealerships across the country as the world's first production hybrid SUV. It has been praised by reviewers and environmentalists alike for its balance of practicality and environmentally friendly emissions and fuel economy. The Escape Hybrid has received such a welcome from consumers that Ford will be making a second production run of almost 5x more vehicles. Why is the Escape Hybrid so impressive? It has the power and utility of any other SUV, and the ability to travel nearly 500 miles between fill ups.


The Escape Hybrid is most impressive in the city, where the electric portion gets to do its best. Much like the Toyota Prius, the Ford Escape uses its electric motor in lieu of its gasoline motor only in situations where the combustion engine is least efficient. It is thanks to this series hybrid technology that the Escape is able to reach a city-driving economy of up to 40 miles per gallon!


2005 Ford Escape HybridAvailable in front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, able to tow up to 1000lbs and comfortable seat five people, the Escape is arguably the world's first family sized gasoline-electric vehicle. According to Ford: "The The “no compromise” Escape Hybrid [delivers] excellent fuel economy and emissions performance while providing the functionality, utility and other SUV attributes of the conventional Escape."


Though availability is limited, Escapes have hit showroom floors and are available for test drives.

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Hybrid Car quick notes and facts.

Though current hybrid car tax incentives/rebates are being phased out, consumers can look forward to rebates of up to $5000 in 2005.

Current hybrid cars can get up to 60 miles to the gallon on the highway. In addition to fuel economy, they boast lower emissions and depreciation than gasoline powered cars.


In the near future, hybrid cars are expected to get fuel mileage as high as 190 miles per gallon!


Environmentalists embrace hybrid cars as a solution to today's pollution problems.


Heavy HEV development began in the early 1990's with major manufacturers donating billions of dollars to the research of new hybrid technologies.

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